A vendetta in a Jetta

Jetta vendetta

Three thugs threatened a pedestrian with a gun from a black Jetta on 72nd Street, then stolethe cash he had in his pocket on Dec. 12.

The victim, who did not identify his assailants, told cops that he was near Seventh Avenue at around 1 am when the Jetta pulled up next to him. The thug in the backseat opened the car door, flashed a pistol and said, “Get in the f—ing car.” The victim obeyed.

Once the victim was in the backseat, the two perp passengers hit their human target in the face, yelling, “Where is the money?”

They then went through his pockets and snagged $1,000 and his iPhone. The thugs then dropped off the guy at the same corner where they picked him off and sped off towards the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway.

Car break-ins

Gadgets were stolen from at least three cars this week. Here are the frustrating details:

• Someone jacked an iPod from a 2006 Lexus parked at 74th Street overnight on Dec. 3. The MP3 player’s owner told cops that he left his car between Fort Hamilton Parkway and Tenth Avenue at 9 pm, and returned 12 hours later.

• A thief broke the driver’s-side window of a car parked at 62nd Street on Dec. 4 to swipe a navigation system. The victim told cops that he left his ride between Eighth and Ninth avenues at 9 am and returned about three hours later.

• Someone stole an iPhone from a new Volvo on Colonial Road overnight on Dec. 1. The victim told cops that she had left her car between 74th Street and Bay Ridge Parkway at 6:30 pm. When she returned the next morning, her front passenger window was broken and her smartphone was gone.

— Alex Rush