Attorney General to investigate police shooting of Malik Williams during foot chase

AG at podium. her office is investigating the death of malik williams
The Attorney General’s Office of Special Investigation is investigating the July 9 death of Malik Williams, who was shot by a New York City Police Department officer after fleeing a traffic stop.
File photo by Todd Maisel

The New York State Attorney General’s office is investigating the death of Malik Williams just days after he was fatally shot by New York City Police Department officers after he allegedly opened fire on cops during a foot chase.

Officers from the 88th Precinct pulled over a vehicle in which Williams was a passenger for a traffic stop on Flatbush Avenue near Nevins Street on the evening of July 9, according to the NYPD and the AG’s office. When cops ordered the driver and passengers out of the car, 19-year-old Williams took off running, followed by an officer, said NYPD Chief of Patrol Jeffrey Maddrey at a press conference later that day.

After running up and down several blocks and across Flatbush Avenue, Williams allegedly turned around near Rockwell Place and fired several shots at the officer pursing him. The officer, who was unhurt, fired back at Williams, Maddrey said, hitting him in the chest. Williams was pronounced dead at NewYork Presbyterian-Brooklyn Methodist Hospital that night. Cops found his gun on the scene, according to the AG’s office.

mayor eric adams at podium
Mayor Eric Adams praised the officers involved in Williams’ death at a July 10 press conference, saying that because of his decision to run toward the gun violence, the neighborhood and his team were kept safe. Photo by Kevin Duggan

As required by state law, the AG’s Office of Special Investigation “assesses” all deaths that may have been caused by a cop, corrections officer, or peace officer, according to the office. If the initial assessment “indicates an officer caused the death,” OSI opens a full investigation.

The AG’s office similarly opened an investigation into the death of Queens man Raul Hardy on Monday. Hardy, 60, was killed by cops on July 9 after allegedly making threats to a number of elected officials, including Governor Kathy Hochul.

Mayor Eric Adams over the weekend praised the officers, who were part of his new “Neighborhood Safety Teams,” on July 10.

“That officer did an amazing job, that whole team did an amazing job,” Adams said.

“He ran towards the gun violence. Not too many people who are standing here and sitting here right now would run towards the gun violence,” the mayor said. “That officer did and because of his actions people in that area went home and his entire team went home. He’s a real hero and I thank him for the job that he did.”