Agata Olek pimps her ride again

Agata Olek pimps her ride again
Photo by Meredith Deliso

That’s not a celebrity that tourists are photographing under the Brooklyn Bridge — it’s a bicycle.

Agata Olek installed one of her crocheted two-wheelers in front of the pedestrian entrance to the fabled span this week, where tourists immediately started snapping photos.

“I use the street as additional canvas to the gallery,” said Olek, who is as colorful as her work, decked out in a bright pink coat and multi-colored leg warmers and scarf. “It refers to life in the city — it’s still beautiful and bright, but falling apart slightly. That ephemeral quality is important to my work.”

The bike is hard to miss, thanks to its pink and purple handlebars, red and black seat, and orange, green and light green camo on the wheels.

“It’s creative, I guess,” said DUMBO resident Terrance Leray. “It’s certainly not practical, but it is colorful.”