All knowing! Greenpoint church adds high-tech surveillance cameras

All knowing! Greenpoint church adds high-tech surveillance cameras

They say that God is watching over all of us. But one Greenpoint church is appealing to an even higher authority — the NYPD.

The Greenpoint Reformed Church has installed several high-resolution German security cameras to keep an eye on its flock while congregants keep their eyes on the good book.

Rev. Ann Kansfield approached Mobotix, a German software company, earlier this year about donating a state-of-the-art camera system to help make its congregation feel safer and assist the police if any criminal activity were to occur on church grounds.

“Any public building has people coming in and out have them I would think would want them,” said Kansfield. “People will feel safer and cops can review videotape in case anything happens. It’s just a smart idea.”

The Protestant church’s new state-of-the-art surveillance system is the same one that has been installed in embassies, airports, train stations, hotels, highways, and private homes.

The network includes several high-resolution cameras, which have built-in sensors that provide highly detailed images, software that allows recording, and plenty of memory. That makes it easier for police to review footage in case of an incident.

Nearly 1,000 people walk through the Milton Street church’s welcoming doors each week, including more than 650 who eat at its weekly soup kitchen and food pantry, according to Kansfield.

This year, there has been one incident.

On Jan. 28, a thief held up a Bible study group with a ballpoint pen inside the church at 7 pm, before absconding with $57.

“No one has stolen a Bible,” Kansfield said. “I wish, though. Hope springs eternal.”

Security cameras were recently installed inside Greenpoint Reformed Church.