And baby makes three!

And baby makes three!

Atlantic Yards opponent Daniel Goldstein and his wife did what megadeveloper Bruce Ratner has failed to do: they brought life to the Atlantic Yards footprint.

On Nov. 9, little Sita Dorothy Goldstein was born to Goldstein and Shabnam Merchant — and unlike most things near the couple’s Pacific Street home, the six-pound, five-ounce baby is “adorable,” the proud papa said.

“Despite the unusual circumstances, we’re happy to be able to raise our child in Brooklyn where we planned to,” Goldstein said.

The baby becomes the third resident in the almost entirely vacant building on Pacific Street between Flatbush and Sixth avenues, a residence that once housed 60, but is slated to be torn down to make room for Ratner’s basketball arena.

Given that declining population, a new life is worth noting.

“At this time of year, with the arrival of our first child, we have a lot to be thankful for,” he explained.

Goldstein moved into the beautifully renovated building in 2003, only to discover months later that Ratner intended to tear it down and build a basketball arena and 16 skyscrapers.

Goldstein and Merchant met while organizing efforts against Ratner as part of the group, Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn.

Those efforts will return to the spotlight early next year in court, but for now, the legal case is on at least two people’s back-burner.

“We’re definitely focused on our baby,” Goldstein said.

For months, there was only one name on the buzzer. Now, thanks to the blessed event, there are three residents of Daniel Goldstein’s Pacific Street apartment.
Jim Epstein