Anger mom attacks ACS worker

No ACS angel

A Brighton Beach woman being investigated for child abuse was arrested on Sept. 2 for allegedly attacking an investigator in the middle of a home visit.

The Administration for Children’s Services employee showed up at the Brighton 1st Street home, which is between Neptune and Oceanview avenues, just after 5 pm, but the 25-year-old mom didn’t want her there.

Outraged, the woman chased the city employee out of her house with a frying pan, striking her in the arm as she made her way out the door.

Cops took the mother into custody, and charged her with assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

Home invasion

Two gun-toting thugs slipped into an E. 13th Street home on Sept. 4, surprising, pistol-whipping and robbing four people they found inside.

Residents of the home between Avenue U and Avenue V said they were sleeping at 8 am when the thieves entered through a side window and woke everyone up.

The thugs ordered everyone onto the floor, pistol-whipping three of the victims while ordering the fourth to hand over $700, some jewelry and a pair of pricey Air Jordan sneakers.

Boardwalk bruisers

Three thugs jumped two women on the Riegelmann Boardwalk on Sept. 1 and ran off with a purse.

One of the women was knocked to the ground when she and her friend were nearing W. Second Street, across from Asser Levy Park, at 7:13 pm. When the other woman tried to help, she was shoved aside by the attackers.

The thugs then took a purse and ran off, but didn’t get far. All three were arrested and charged with robbery.

Criminal offerings

A menacing thug made off with jewelry after mugging a man at his front door on Sept. 4.

The 23-year-old was at his front door, which is on the corner of Bay Ridge and 21st avenues, when the thug pulled up in a sedan without license plates, stepped out of the vehicle and said the man should give him something valuable if he “didn’t want to get hurt.”

Believing the threats, the victim went into his home, grabbed a pair of earrings, and gave them to the thief, who left without any fuss.

Tree trouble

A thief robbed a 55-year-old man near the corner of Bay 32nd and 86th streets on Sept. 3 after jumping out from behind a tree.

“Keep your head down,” the thief claimed after surprising the victim, putting him in a headlock and running off with his wallet during the 2 am confrontation, police said.

Best Buy burgle

An 18-year-old was in custody on Sept. 6 after she tried to sneak two laptop computers out of the Bay Parkway Best Buy in — of all things — a paper shredder box.

Police nabbed the woman after she tried to walk out of the store just before 2:20 pm with the box containing the two laptops.

Pharmacy raid

Thieves broke into the FMRG Pharmacy on Kings Highway on Sept. 6, taking $200 and an assortment of prescription medications.

Police were told that the burglars entered the store after snipping the locks to the security gates sometime before workers arrived to open the store at 6 am.

Smashed into car

A thug sent a woman head first into a car window during a furious Aug. 30 break-in.

The victim told police that she was nearing her car, which was parked at the corner of Avenue V and Nostrand Avenue, at 1 pm when the unidentified madman grabbed her head and shoved her into her car window, leaving her with a small injury.

The thief then rummaged through the car, taking a navigation system and a laptop computer.

Brighton road rage

A blood-thirsty Brighton Beach man stabbed another man in the chest during a heated dispute over a parking spot on Aug. 22.

The victim was sitting in his Chevy truck around 5:48 pm near the corner of Brighton Beach Avenue and Brighton 11th Street when the hefty 40-year-old assailant asked him to move his car so he could fit into a tight parking spot.

The victim refused. Enraged, the man charged into a nearby deli, returning a short time later with a sharp object that he then jammed into his victim’s chest twice before leaving.

Responding paramedics rushed the victim to Lutheran Medical Center, where he was listed in stable condition after treatment.

Cops describe the attacker as a 5’11” white male with short black hair and a beard, believed to be well over 250 pounds.

Anyone with information regarding this man’s identity is urged to call police at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

Gassing up

Two thieves raided a Gravesend Neck Road gas station at gunpoint on Aug. 23, taking $500.

A worker at the station, which is between Ocean Avenue and E. 21st Street, told police that he was monitoring the pumps at 7:15 pm when someone came in, asking to use the bathroom.

Seconds later a second man — the one with the gun — came in, waving the pistol in his victim’s face.

“Money,” the thief ordered, as his accomplice left the bathroom and took the cash from the employee’s shirt pocket.

More gas grabs

Five days after the Gravesend Neck Road heist, a thief held up a 24-year-old at a station on 86th Street, police said.

The worker at the station, which is between Lake Street and McDonald Avenue, told police that the thief approached him at 11:30 pm, placing the gun to his throat.

“Give me the f–king money before I shoot you,” the thief demanded.

The victim handed over $500 to the thief, who left without saying another word.

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