Anna Becker: There’s no business like show business to this theater director

Anna Becker
Photo by Georgine Benvenuto

This Woman of Distinction lives and breathes theater.

Anna Becker is the current executive director of On Stage At Kingsborough Performing Arts Center, where she is responsible for booking dance, theatre, and music performances, as well as overseeing operations, including financial, marketing, press, and audience services.

Prior to her current gig, she founded a performance series in Westchester, which presented artist discussions and productions in advance of their New York City premieres.

“We had a great following, and I am proud of having introduced the world of Off-Broadway and its outstanding artists to Westchester audiences,” says Becker. “The series won a Best of Westchester Award early on, and this really propelled us.”

Becker was also honored with an award from the Barrow Group for her outstanding contribution to the arts. The accolade recognized Becker for her work in the theatre community, particularly as a funder and producer.

As a tried and true New Yorker — she left for a few years as a young adult, but came running back — and a theater buff, it is no wonder that Becker loves Babs so much.

“Of course I admire Barbra Streisand because she is a multi-talented, entirely gifted performer,” she says. “But I also admire that she has always been uniquely herself, even before doing so was accepted for a young entertainer.”

Streisand redefined beauty while daring to show her comedy chops, in a combination that was not mainstream in her day, says Becker.

“We can thank her for showing that someone can be talented, beautiful, and a character!” she says.

There isn’t a single soul who could imagine Becker working in any other field.

“I am passionate about the international arts scene, which is part of what I love about my current position,” Becker explains. “We present Russian ballet companies, Spanish flamenco artists, British children’s theatre, Irish music, and so forth.”

Even her dream gig involves art.

“I think it would be enormously satisfying to be an arts ambassador in a foreign country,” she says.

Becker’s friend Stacy Topalian says the honoree is dedicated passionately to bringing world-class artists to perform at On Stage at Kingsborough.

“Anna has created a sensational experience for arts lovers in Southern Brooklyn,” she says. “And consistently selects the most outstanding talent from the world of music, dance, cabaret, and theatre that audiences adore.”

The work is self-fulfilling.

“I love bringing artists that are masters of their form to On Stage At Kingsborough, and I am thrilled to see and hear the reactions from our audience when we do,” Becker says.

Neighborhood: Bay Ridge.

Occupation: Executive director of the Performing Arts Center.

Company: On Stage At Kingsborough.

Claim to Fame: “Bringing world-class performing artists to Southern Brooklyn.”

Favorite Brooklyn Place: Shore Road Promenade.

Woman I Admire: “The original Brooklyn gal, Barbra Streisand, for her immense talent, her humor, and for breaking through barriers on and off the stage and screen.”

Motto: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” — Albert Einstein

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