Another burger bash in the Slope

Burger bash

A trio of thugs slugged a deliveryman on St. Johns Place on Jan. 24, getting away with his food.

The restaurant worker told cops that he was between Sixth and Seventh avenues at about 6:30 pm when the posse attacked him from behind.

“Give me the money,” one of the thugs said, as one or more of the hooligans punctuated the demand with fists.

All they got was the food, estimated at $18.

Wheel bad

At least five cars were stolen or burglarized last week. Here’s the bad news:

• A thief swiped an 11-year-old Honda from Eighth Avenue between Jan. 22 and 26. The victim said he had parked near Eighth Street.

• American Apparel had one of its nifty compact SUVs stolen off Eighth Avenue near the Flatbush Avenue store on Jan. 26. A worker told cops that he’d parked it at 1 pm, but it was gone four hours later.

• A thief tried to break into a 1996 Dodge that had been left on Fifth Avenue near Eighth Street on Jan. 21, but he did not get in. The owner discovered damage to the car on Jan. 26.

• A 1999 Dodge was swiped off 10th Street overnight on Jan. 23. The victim told cops that she’d parked it between Fifth and Sixth avenues at around 11 pm, but it was gone by 11:30 the next morning.

• A thief swiped the fancy electronic mirrors off a 1999 Mercedes on Second Street last week. The owner told cops that he’d parked the fancy German-made sedan between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 11 pm on Jan. 21, but when he returned three days later, he discovered that his fancy option — valued at $1,600 — had been swiped.

— Gersh Kuntzman