Anti-drag queen protesters drowned out by supporters in Crown Heights

Anti-drag queen protesters drowned out by supporters in Crown Heights
Photo by Aidan Graham

Locals flocked to support a drag queen who read children’s books to kids at Brooklyn Public Library’s Crown Heights branch on Thursday, overwhelming a small group of protesters.

Just five people gathered on June 27 to express outrage over Harmonica Sunbeam’s presence at “Drag Queen Story Hour,” while more than 50 colorfully dressed proponents sang songs and chanted in support of the event.

One protester shouted biblical references into a megaphone to warn of the potential dire consequences of the drag queen’s presence.

Weak turnout: Only five people entered the protest area set up by police outside of “Drag Queen Story Hour.”
Photo by Aidan Graham

“God wiped out cities because of this,” said the man who asked only to be identified as Tag. “We’re almost there. It’s getting worse now than it was back then.”

Supporters brushed off the ominous alarms, calling the protesters intolerant and a poor representation of the Crown Heights community.

“We’re here to stand against bigotry in whatever form it takes,” said Alice Tracey. “And look at how much we outnumber them by. I think that tells you all you need to know.”

Prepared: Protesters made signs which went unused after turnout was lower than they expected.
Photo by Aidan Graham

The demonstration came on the heels of a similar clash outside of a June 6 installment of the story hour program at the Gerritsen Beach Library, where anti-story hour protesters mobilized in much larger numbers than the miniscule showing in Crown Heights.

The protest organizer chalked up the weak attendance to the intolerance of pro-drag queen demonstrators.

“Obviously, we didn’t have the turnout we’d hoped for,” said Rick Knight. “I think that if you express any conservative views, people just jump on you. People are afraid to speak against this.”

Story time: Around 65 children listened to drag queen Harmonica Sunbeam read books inside of the Crown Heights Library.
Photo by Aidan Graham

Knight suspected that the story hour program was the beginning of an elaborate indoctrination effort on the part of drag queens everywhere.

“They can’t reproduce, so they’re recruiting,” he said. “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I think a lot of this ideology is from the cultural Marxists.”

The demonstrators, who Knight described as fighting a global culture war, were attempting to draw the line before society slid down a “slippery slope,” he said.

Sunshine: Harmonica Sunbeam’s appearance at the Crown Heights Library drew scant protests from anti-drag queen demonstrators.
Photo by Aidan Graham

“Pedophilia is next,” Knight said. “You have to realize that drag queens were a fringe group just 10 years ago, but now they’re mainstream. Next they’ll be defending pedophilia.”

Their efforts to hijack the event failed, as police cordoned off the unevenly matched groups of demonstrators on either side of the entrance to the library — where approximately 65 kids listened to the guest of honor read a number of children’s books uninterrupted by the commotion outside.

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Smiles: Supporters passed out colorful cookies outside the event on Thursday.
Photo by Aidan Graham