Arabic in a public school? No thanks!

The Big Apple is a proud U.S. melting pot — not a cesspool for panderers and anarchists with an international agenda.

A dunce’s cap should sit atop PS 368 in Manhattan, which became the first taxpayer-funded school in the city to force Arabic down the throats of its students next semester by requiring that all 200 of them study the language — twice a week — in order to earn a United Nations-affiliated International Baccalaureate ranking. Without it, pupils presumably won’t develop the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills needed to thrive in a rapidly globalizing world.

Politically-obtuse Principal Nicky Kram Rosen, who chose Arabic over more widely spoken languages, should know that a simple stroll through the Big Apple — the most globalized city in the world — can achieve better results than instituting a costly and unnecessary curriculum that supports issues at odds with the Free World, including disarmament under the guise of peace, and a collectivist view of social justice.

An International Baccalaureate education — currently at work in 3,411 schools in 141 countries — is nothing to brag about: its application fee is $23,000 per school, it is taught by a UN-affiliated workshop “leader” whose expenses — down to air travel, meals, and accommodation — are footed by the unwitting taxpayer, and it strives to breed a “global citizen” using an “international education” that pushes for a particular kind of intercultural understanding and respect, overseen by the United Nations. That includes fostering identity and cultural awareness, providing international context, and encouraging diversity and flexibility in teaching methods.

An International Baccalaureate education is a cake of many layers that hoodwinks westerners into embracing an educational policy that strips students of their individualities and entrepreneurial abilities, while chipping away at our sovereignty.

The job of all nations is to provide their children with an affordable education, and to make sure that they can read, write, and calculate proficiently enough to fulfill their dreams and become productive members of society. The Free World makes those provisions, while the under-developed world does not. Moreover, the Free World has propped developing lands with limitless supplies of taxpayer-funded cash, but their next generations are still bereft of a proper education — or any other value that adds to their quality of life.

America’s prosperity and successes have not been achieved on the back of the “global citizen,” but the American worker, whose attention to hard work and fair play has made this country the envy of the world — and certainly of the U.N. That green-eyed inferior continues to undermine the U.S. while ignoring the travesties of corrupt international regimes whose kit and caboodle it now wants absorbed into the American classroom under the guise of multicultural education.

Principal Rosen is doing her students and the American taxpayer no favors by inviting a program that has no pronounced merit, and is vigorously overseen by a body that conflicts with American ideals.

International Baccalaureate, www.ibo.org/general/what.cfm“>by its own admission, intends for teachers, students, and parents “to draw confidently on a recognizable common educational framework, a consistent structure of aims and values, and an overarching concept of how to develop international-mindedness.”

But its real intention appears to be the deconstruction of the Free World as we know it — classroom by classroom.

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