Arms race! Reporter takes on the best arm wrestlers in the borough — and loses!

Arms race! Reporter takes on the best arm wrestlers in the borough — and loses!
Photo by Tom Callan

Update: This event this article is previewing has been canceled because of the impending storm. This story was written in advance of its cancellation.

Let’s get down to grummmmmblllllle: I got beaten by a girl.

Not just any girl — Brooklyn’s pride, the Queen of Arms: arm-wrestling champion Joyce Boone.

She and fellow arm-wrecker — and boyfriend — Harry Wilson stopped by our Downtown offices to give us a preview of Sunday’s Brooklyn-Kingsboro Arm Wrestling Championships in Brighton Beach.

The preview consisted of them kicking my ass.

At least I can say I got beaten by the best. According to Gene Camp, the founder of the New York Arm Wrestling Association, Boone, 44, of Gowanus, is possibly the greatest arm wrestler in the world.

And my torn supraspinatus can testify to this.

Her tactic was genius. After her beau quickly and easily beat me, she took advantage of my exhaustion and held my arm in place, waiting for my quivering, flabby appendage to give out under the pressure of her massive arm, which had the power of a garbage truck’s compactor, and partially dislocated my shoulder in the process.

Wilson, 49, had muscles in places that I didn’t even have places. It’s no surprise that he won the Long Island Championship last month.

You may think arm wrestling is all about wearing armless shirts and quickly slamming down someone’s arm, but the real pros win by wearing down their opponents.

In the end, it came down to the training. Wilson does a daily regimen of weight lifting and pullups, whereas I train by eating barbecue, chasing after the G train and watching Stallone films.

That said, there may be something to my technique.

After the bout, Wilson told me, “Kid, you had something there. I felt something.”

He was probably lying, but I’ll take it.

Reporter Dan MacLeod held his own against arm wrestling legend Harry Wilson, but ultimately lost to the muscular champ.
Photo by Tom Callan