Art thief swipes pricey surrealist paintings

90th Precinct


Surreal crime

Some art thieves snatched seven valuable surrealist paintings from a Bogart Street gallery on Jan. 24.

The victim told cops she placed the paintings by renowned artist Agatha Wojciechowsky in the loft stairwell between Harrison Place and Grattan Street at 8 pm while moving them into the gallery space.

She then noticed the seven works were missing when she unpacked the portfolios two days later, police said. Authorities said all of the paintings were fully insured.

Spineless snatch

A coward robbed a Bushwick Avenue deli at gunpoint, then snatched a disabled man’s phone before fleeing on Feb. 1.

The villain entered the bodega near Moore Street at 8 pm waving a gun and demanding money from the clerk, police said. The lout pulled around $550 from the register, then turned his gun on a nearby disabled person and snatched his phone before fleeing in an unknown direction, authorities said.

Uber villain

Cops cuffed a guy who they believe beat up an Uber driver on Grand Street in the early morning hours of Jan. 6.

Police say the man jumped into the 56-year-old victim’s vehicle near Morgan Avenue at around 12:50 am and refused to leave once the driver realized he was not a customer of the app-based car service.

The suspect said “I am going to smack you,” then allegedly choked the victim until he lost consciousness for a few seconds and punched him in the face, leaving him with bruises and scratches on his head and lips, authorities said. He also damaged the victim’s car keys, according to a police report.

The suspect fled to a nearby bar, where cops arrested him, according to a police report.

Car jacked and found

A dastardly duo pulled a knife on a driver on Broadway, kicked him out of his own car, and sped off in the stolen vehicle on Jan. 6.

The 61-year-old victim told cops he was getting into his car near Hooper Street around 10:10 pm when the two jerks approached. One of the punks put a knife to the man’s throat and said “Where is the money — I know you have the money,” then told the guy to drive, according to a police report.

The victim drove until they hit Williamsburg Street West near the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, where the rogues kicked the car owner out and left him on the side of the road, cops said.

The thieves sped down Williamsburg Street West towards Lee Avenue while the victim walked back to the original location and called the police, authorities said.

Cops ended up finding the stolen vehicle parked on Ross Street near Williamsburg Street West, but the louts had made off with $1,500 that was stashed in the car, according to a police report.

Deli decked

A gun-toting lowlife robbed the register of a Humboldt Street on Jan. 1.

The baddie burst into the store near Debevoise Street around 4:50 pm sporting a firearm and demanded the victim open the cash register, police said.

The perp snatched roughly $500 from the register and fled towards Humboldt Street, according to a police report.

— Allegra Hobbs