Assaulted and berated on the F train

Protein shake

A thief cursed out a woman on the F train on May 12 — then threw a “protein container” at her as part of a verbal and physical assault.

The 30-year-old woman told cops that she was on the Coney Island-bound F train at around 8:30 am when a man entered at Carroll Street and sat across from her.

After some brief eye contact — still a no-no on the New York City subway system — the perp threw the container at the woman, hitting her in the eye.

“Don’t f—king stare … you f–king bitch!” he yelled before the victim jumped off the train at Fourth Avenue.

She described her assailant as a 6-foot-1, 165-pound man with differently colored eyes.

oyPhoned again

A thief grabbed an iPhone right out of a woman’s hand at the Seventh Avenue D train station on May 12.

The victim told cops that she was in the back car of the Bronx-bound D train at around 6:30 pm as the train pulled into the station under Flatbush Avenue. That’s when the perp, a 6-foot teenager who had been sitting next to her, made his move, grabbing the phone as she played a game on it.

The thief fled as the doors closed.

Burg bash

There were at least two burglaries in the precinct last week:

• A thief swiped mega-bucks and jewelry from a Union Street apartment — and the resident suspects the pest control man.

The victim told cops that she discovered the missing $1,100 on May 10, a full week after she had last seen the cash inside the apartment, which is between Fifth and Sixth avenues.

• Another gym rat burglarized a locker at the New York Sports Club on Ninth Street on May 15. The victim told cops that he had secured his wallet, phone and other stuff inside a locker at around 11:45 am, but discovered it missing when he finished his two-and-a-quarter-hour workout at the gym at Fifth Avenue.

Shower time

A thief stole a laptop from a 13th Street apartment on May 10, entering when the tenant was in the shower, but getting away only after being chased by a witness.

The victim told cops that she was bathing at around 12:25 pm when the thief entered the apartment and grabbed the computer.

That’s when a first-floor resident noticed the crime and chased the perp towards Third Avenue, quickly losing him in the urban jungle of booming Gowanus.

Wheel bad

At least five cars were swiped or broken into last week:

• A thief swiped big cash from a car on Third Avenue on May 10. The owner told cops that he left the vehicle unattended for only a few minutes at 13th Street at 9:20 am.

• A hi-fi fiend swiped pricey stereo equipment and CDs from a car on Eighth Avenue on May 10. The owner said that she had parked at Sixth Street at around 11:30 am, but it had been cleaned out by 6 pm.

• A thief chopped down a Sequoia on Sixth Street overnight on May 13. The owner’s daughter told cops that she parked the 2010 SUV between Sixth and Seventh avenues at 5 pm, but when she returned at 6:20 the next morning, it was gone.

• A thief swiped hundreds of dollars in equipment from a company van on Sixth Street on May 6. The owner told cops that the van was making a delivery between Seventh and Eighth avenues at 7:25 pm when the thief made his move, taking two phones, a navigation system and a handtruck.

• Steve Jobs’s best customer lost an iPod, an iPad and, oddly, a Dell computer when his car was broken into on Seventh Avenue on May 11. The victim told cops that he lost the equipment — and his back window — in the 9:30 pm break-in between St. Johns and Lincoln places.

— Gersh Kuntzman