B37 service to return to the Ridge

B37 service to return to the Ridge

The B37 is back in bus-iness!

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted unanimously on July 24 to bring back the axed B37 bus line — which will run down Third Avenue from Shore Road to the Barclays Center starting midway through next year.

An MTA spokesperson said that the board members decided to bring back the bus to accommodate a surging economy along the route, which runs through Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, and Park Slope. The board eliminated line as part of a larger package of money-saving service cuts in 2010.

“The B37 was restored to serve a growing commercial corridor on Third Avenue and nearby Second Avenue,” said spokeswoman Deirdre Parker.

Before the cut, the Downtown-bound B37 would turn left at Livingston Street and end at Court Street. Parker said her agency decided to leave that last leg of the route off to avoid traffic congestion.

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