Back to the Futurists

Back to the Futurists

The spirit of the Russian revolution is here — but you have to bring your own manifesto.

You can become a part of a Bushwick performance series about the Russian Futurist art movement if you bring along a copy of Andrei Bely’s masterpiece, “Petersburg” — once considered to be Russia’s “Ulysses” (which, like the James Joyce classic, is largely unread today).

“We wanted to hone in on the kind of wacky writings of that time,” said John Del Gaudio, managing director of Target Margin Theater, which is throwing a wide-ranging set of plays, lectures and dance events based on the Russian Futurism at The Bushwick Starr from March 16 to April 7. “People can geek out on Russian avant-garde or Russian culture in general.”

Bely fans can read along with the text at “0, 2012: The Last Futurist Lab,” an homage to an artistic and literary movement whose members lived through — or didn’t — one of the most tumultuous periods of Russian history.

Russo-philes can look forward to reading favorite excerpts and sipping vodka with one of the series’ major players, or listening in on a panel discussion with translator Matvei Yankelevich, whose works in part inspired the Russian Futurist celebration.

Brave participants can attend a free biomechanics (Russian futurist for “dance”) demonstration, or scope out opera, toy theater, and movement-based theater performances.

“This is a very ambitious lab,” said Del Gaudio, who will make a cameo appearance in one of the performances. “We’re hoping people will go along with the ride with us.”

“TMT Laboratory: 0,2012: The Last Futurist Lab” at The Bushwick Starr [207 Starr Street Brooklyn, NY 11237 (718) 306-2370], March 16–April 7. Tickets $15. For info, visit http://www.targetmargin.org.