Baking it up for Barack

Baking it up for Barack
The bake sale for Barack Obama on Eighth Avenue in Park Slope raised hundreds of dollars for the candidate on Saturday, and featured such treats as No More Condolleeza Rice cakes and Endless War Smores bars.
The Brooklyn Paper / Shravan Vidyarthi

Brooklyn backed Barack by baking brownies.

Last week, yet another “Bake for Barack” sale raised $585 for the Illinois senator and Democratic hopeful.

The Oct. 4 sale was at Seventh Street and Eighth Avenue in Park Slope — the heart of the heart of Obama country — and even enticed a confessed McCain supporter.

“He couldn’t resist us,” said Karen Shelley, one of the bake sale’s organizers and a Cobble Hill resident. “He thanked us for not trying to convert him or yell at him for supporting McCain.”

The sale featured 10 home-baked delights including Cupcakes for Change, Yes We Candies, End War S’mores Bar, Fudgeucation Reform Brownies, Love That Liberal Lemon Bars and No More Condoleezza Rice Crispy Cakes (though a cynic might have demanded equal time with No Experience Éclairs or Tax-and-Spend Toffee).

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