Baking it up for Barack

Baking it up for Barack
The Brooklyn Paper / Shravan Vidyarthi

Brooklyn backed Barack by baking brownies.

Last week, yet another “Bake for Barack” sale raised $585 for the Illinois senator and Democratic hopeful.

The Oct. 4 sale was at Seventh Street and Eighth Avenue in Park Slope — the heart of the heart of Obama country — and even enticed a confessed McCain supporter.

“He couldn’t resist us,” said Karen Shelley, one of the bake sale’s organizers and a Cobble Hill resident. “He thanked us for not trying to convert him or yell at him for supporting McCain.”

The sale featured 10 home-baked delights including Cupcakes for Change, Yes We Candies, End War S’mores Bar, Fudgeucation Reform Brownies, Love That Liberal Lemon Bars and No More Condoleezza Rice Crispy Cakes (though a cynic might have demanded equal time with No Experience Éclairs or Tax-and-Spend Toffee).