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Bandit breaks store display case to steal smartphones

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Phone hack

A crook broke a Kings Highway cellphone store display case to steal three smartphones on Feb. 16.

An employee at the store near Utica Avenue told police that the crook came in around 4:40 pm and declined any assistance from customer service, saying “No, thank you.”

Cops say the bandit then used a sharp object to break into the display case, snatch the phones, and flee. Officers were unable to recover any prints because the nogoodnik used gloves.

Lifting a purse

A pickpocket lifted at woman’s wallet at her Avenue N workplace on Feb. 12.

Cops say the victim was at the location near E. 17th Street at around 12:30 pm when she noticed that her wallet containing three credit cards was missing from her bag. The woman told police that she had placed her bag on a chair near her desk.

Fake loans

Some nogoodnik scammed a Flatbush Avenue woman out of $2,500 last December.

The woman, who lives near Avenue H, told police on Feb. 14 that she received a call last year from someone claiming to be a student loan advisor, who would give her $500 if she qualified for a new loan. Police say the fraudster then told the woman she could only qualify for the loan if she bought 10 gift cards and texted photos of them to a man named “Christopher Johnson.”

Cops say the woman never got what she promised, according to the report.

False account

Someone opened a cellphone account in an Avenue I man’s name on Feb. 7.

The man, who lives near Ocean Parkway, told cops that around 7:30 pm he received a bill, in his name, from a phone company about a new account that he had never actually opened. No money was taken from any of his bank accounts, and he canceled the phone line, according to cops.

Car crooks

Several cars were broken into in the precinct this week. Here’s the rundown:

• A marauder broke into a car parked on Ralph Avenue on Feb. 14.

The woman left her vehicle near Avenue L around 1:24 pm and returned two hours later, to find her rear passenger-side window broken and her laptop and pricey designer bag missing.

• Some thief stole a car’s horn and air bags from a vehicle parked on E. 59th Street sometime overnight on Feb. 14.

The victim told cops that he left his ride near Avenue T around 2 pm and returned to it the next morning to find a window shattered and the items missing, according to the report.

• A prowler stole electronics from a car parked at a Utica Avenue parking lot on Feb. 14.

The man said he say returned to his vehicle in the lot near Avenues I and J around 4:10 pm to find his laptop, camera, and memory stick, gone. Police said the victim was unsure when the items may have been taken, but believes it was at that location because recalls leaving the door unlocked.

• Some malefactor used a brick to smash the passenger window of a car parked in the same lot on Feb. 16.

The car’s owner told cops that she parked her four-wheeler around 9:30 pm, and returned to find a window broken and a brick sitting on the seat. The woman says her credit card and some cash were taken from the car, according to the report.

Swift take

A sneak thief stole a woman’s wallet at an Avenue U department store on Feb. 15.

The victim told police that she was shopping at the store near E. 54th Street around 5 pm and after paying for her purchases, accidentally left her wallet at the counter. When she returned to recover it, it was already gone.

Later that day she received an alert from her bank that her credit card was used again at the same store, according to the report.

— Alexandra Simon

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