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Bee smart about health

He’s sweet: Brooklyn Heights resident Dave Luks got cancer — and then created a line of low-cal soft drinks that are sweetened with real honey.

Why carbo-load on energy drinks when you can “bee” natural? That was Brooklyn Heights resident David Luks’s brainstorm last spring when the avid runner — and cancer patient — caught wind of new scientific research that touted the benefits of honey.

At the time, Luks — a former marketing executive for Pepsi — was merely looking for a way to live more organically and healthfully, not invent the Next Big Soft Drink.

But most “health” drinks contained powdered and artificial sweeteners, not the bona-fide bee stuff, so he set out to make a true honey drink to maximize the sticky serum’s health and energy benefits.

Benefits? Honey protects against diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, and sooth the effects of sore throats and colitis. And it only has 80 calories per 16-ounce bottle.

“They taste great — they’re very refreshing, and very light,” said Perelandra’s buyer, Dawn Favale. “Some of these new drinks are just so sweet and so heavy, but these are much better for you.”

Deluxe Honeydrop is available at Perelandra [175 Remsen St., between Court and Clinton streets. (718) 855-6068].

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