Beer garden blooms Downtown

Beer garden blooms Downtown
Photo by Bess Adler

Bottles, cans, and kegs won’t be the only containers for beer when a Downtown market starts serving ales al fresco in a courtyard flanked by shipping containers.

This spring, DeKalb Market will offer pints of lager alongside its handmade gifts, cupcakes and pulled pork — all in the fresh open air of Flatbush Avenue.

“There’s magic in being outside in your city, drinking beer,” said Jennifer Louise Lyon, one of the masterminds behind the jury-rigged ale house. “Groups of friends will be able to hang out across the entire market.”

The sleepy souk — which operates on the site of a stalled tower that’s part of the proposed CityPoint development — will offer happy hour specials from 5 to 8 pm, with New York craft varieties hovering in the $6 range.

Joann Kim-Nunez, another beer garden organizer, hopes that outdoor drinking will transform the quiet market and into a concert and event hub.

Next season’s bill includes a Brooklyn busking fest — yes, the performers you see on the street will sing at your supper — roller-skating parties, bike-ins, themed jewelry markets and concerts.

“We want this to be a summer camp for adults,” Kim-Nunez said.

Planners say that it’s the perfect location — across from Long Island University and surrounded by new high-rises.

The market opened last summer with more than 50 vendors, including Cheeky Sandwiches, Joe Coffee, Robicelli’s cupcakes, Sour Puss Pickles, and its own online radio station.

Some neighbors say they can’t wait to see what’s on tap.

“A beer garden in the middle of a development site? It’s so Brooklyn!” said Chris Bell, who lives about a block from the bazaar. “This might just be my new hang out.”

DeKalb Market (322 Flatbush Ave. Ext. between Willoughby and Fleet streets in Downtown, no phone), opening April 6. For info, visit dekalbmarket.com.

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