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Belieber it or not – you decide

Justin Beiber will not be deported.

Really? The boy is a menace and needs to have his parents taken away, but the good old USA will not deport him.

But the powers that be won’t let celebrity chef Nigella Lawson in the country because somewhere in her past she did cocaine and smoked cannabis (wacky weed for those in the know).

How upside down can the reasoning get in this country?

So it’s okay to disrespect the laws of the land and drive under the influence of alcohol, or whatever else, be underage to boot, a spoiled little brat, and fly in on a plane that reeked of cannabis (allegedly), so bad that the pilots had to worry about a contact high — but you can stay here.

However, if you admit that you did cocaine sometime in the past, you ain’t coming here. Mind you, the woman admitted to the use at the time, that her husband, mother and sister, succumbed to cancer, and while she was married to the abusive SOB who was pictured choking her, but it’s “No-no Nigella, you stay in England because you are a bad influence and you absolutely may not be a bad influence here. We have standards to uphold — which don’t include your sort.” Not that it makes the use of drugs right — but heck you want to cut this woman some slack?

This country has no use for an upstanding citizen, a mother, and a caregiver. A woman that respects our rules and regulations. Independent and not needing any free services from us. No this is not our sort of folk that we want to come here.

You can come in however, if you promise to drive drunk, bring your underage children in to drink and carouse and flout whatever rules we have, as long as you are a pop-tarting, baggy panted, over-indulged juvenile delinquent, because you are just the type of role model we are looking for.

By the way, the country also lets in terrorists — just think Boston bomber and his family, the bombing duo and their mother, who was caught shoplifting and then hopping on a plane going back from whence she came to escape a sentence, leaving her twisted sons here to maim, injure and murder innocent people. Heck we even provided shelter, money, education, and medical care — for free. And I’m sure there are many others as well, we just haven’t met them yet.

But not that Nigella woman, no way.

She is baaaaaad ass. She did that cocaine and that will not be tolerated.

What blooming idiocy.

Not for Nuthin,™ but we really have to take stock and re-examine ourselves and the criteria we employ to allow access to our country. Let me tell you — the system the way it is now is more twisted than strands of overcooked fusilli, and that ain’t good.

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