Bicycle bandits swipe woman’s phone

90th Precinct



A group of ruffians on bicycles surrounded a woman and stole her phone on on Meserole Street on April 3.

The woman told police that she was between Bushwick Avenue and Westbury Street at 10 pm when a group of guys rode up behind her on their bicycles and one of them grabbed the phone out of her hand and they all rode away.

Beat the fare

Police arrested an alleged turnstile jumper who they said beat a police officer when she was trying to sneak into the Grand Street subway station on April 4.

The police officer said she saw the woman was trying to jump into the station at the corner of Bushwick Avenue at 2:40 pm and tried to grab her. The suspect shoved the officer and then punched her in the face, police reported.

The officer arrested the suspect and charged her with assault as well as resisting arrest.

Stepping in

A bully stabbed a good Samaritan in the chest on Wilson Street on March 21 when he tried to break up a fight.

The 18-year-old victim told police that he tried to break up a fight between his friend and another guy between Wythe Place and Bedford Avenue at 6 pm when the guy suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim in the chest.

Emergency services personnel took the victim to Bellevue Hospital, where he was treated and released.

Bunch of tools

Stealth burglars got away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of tools from a Bedford Avenue construction site sometime between April 4 and 5.

The manager of the company working at the site at N. Sixth Street told police that burglars broke on to the premises sometime between 7 pm on April 4 and 12:35 pm on April 5.

The crook got away with a variety of tools, including two jackhammers, drill bits, hand tools, and a diamond core drill bit.

Doggone it

An elderly man beat a woman with his cane on S. Fifth Street on April 3 when she let her dog sniff him, cops reported.

The woman told police she was walking her pooch between Hewes and Hooper streets at 2:50 pm when a man got upset that the canine was standing near him.

“Get the dog away from me,” the man said to the woman, right before he struck her in the hand with his cane, according to the police report.


A teenager who pretended to be eager to join in a Flushing Avenue yoga class on March 30 instead stole from a woman in the class.

The victim told police that she was in the yoga class at Knickerbocker Avenue between 11 am and 11:50 am. While she was in class, a guy came in and asked if he could sign up. Then he took a cellphone and wallet from the woman’s bag, she alleges.

— Danielle Furfaro

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