Billionaire Bloomy needs you to volunteer for his campaign

Billionaire Bloomy needs you to volunteer for his campaign
The Brooklyn Paper / Gersh Kuntzman

Mike Bloomberg wants YOU — to volunteer for his race for a third term.

To make it easier, the billionaire mayor opened campaign offices in all five boroughs last weekend, christening his cramped Brooklyn space on Atlantic Avenue on Sunday.

Hizzoner chatted with fans in front of the storefront, which is between Third and Fourth avenues, before heading inside to whip up campaign workers with a speech that stuck to his achievements in office.

Outside, he met Boerum Hill resident David Burney and his border terrier, Mungo, who had a “Mike Bloomberg NYC” sticker on her head.

“She loves Bloomberg,” Burney said. “She was very happy that term limits were changed.”

Burney, of course, has one good reason to like the mayor: the mayor is his boss (Burney is head of the Department of Design and Construction — though he didn’t say that to a reporter).

The mayor’s retail office is nearly equidistant from the administration’s two main Brooklyn obsessions: Atlantic Yards (which it hopes will get built) and the Brooklyn House of Detention (which it hopes to reopen and double in capacity). A campaign spokeswoman said the location was picked solely because it was centrally located and near major transit routes.

“We want the volunteers to be able to get hear easily,” said the spokeswoman, Silvia Alvarez.

As in the past, Bloomberg has said he will not accept campaign donations, but is welcoming volunteers to donate their time.

Bloomberg for Mayor campaign office (535 Atlantic Ave., between Third and Fourth avenues in Boerum Hill).