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Botched bank robbery on Havemeyer Street

90th Precinct


Botched bank

Cops arrested a man who allegedly tried to steal cash from a Havemeyer Street bank on May 4.

The would-be thief entered the bank near Broadway and passed a note to the teller at 12:17 pm, which read, “Hand it over,” according to police documents.

She refused and pulled the alarm. Minutes later, cops arrived on the scene and placed a suspect under arrest.

Crash dummies

Three violent thugs crashed their car into a vehicle on Rodney Street on May 6 and beat up the other motorist.

The unlucky driver told cops he got into an accident near Hooper Street at 4:30 am, when the three men who hit him got out of their car and confronted him. The perps pulled him out of his vehicle, punched him, and drove his car two blocks away to Union Avenue, where they ransacked it and fled, the victim said.

Headphone harassment

A teenager allegedly grabbed a woman’s rear end and stole her headphones on Union Avenue on May 4, but cops arrested the suspect.

The victim told police she was near S. Second Street at 6:55 pm, when the 16-year-old perp approached her, lifted her skirt, and pinched her. When she swung around, the crook grabbed her headphones and ran away.

The victim called the cops and officers apprehended a suspect a few hours later.

Gallery shopping

Police say they nabbed two crooks who stole a laptop from a N. First Street art gallery on May 4.

The gallery manager told investigators that six people entered her art space near Bedford Avenue at 3:40 pm and started to talk with her — but one slipped away and snatched her laptop while she was distracted by conversation.

She called the police and the cops cuffed two suspects and recovered the computer.

Wrestle mania

A crook wrestled a man and stole his wallet on May 6 at Broadway.

The victim was near Rodney Street at 3:40 am, when the stranger stopped him, talked with him, and threw him to the ground before stealing his wallet.

Purse push

A thief shoved a woman to the ground and stole her shoulder bag on Bedford Avenue on May 6.

The victim and her friend were near Metropolitan Avenue at 3:15 am when the fiend snatched the woman’s bag and pushed her over.

Her friend chased after him, but the thief got away.

Trash bash

A thug punched a man and demanded cash while his victim was taking out the trash on Seigel Street on May 6.

The victim was dumping his garbage near Bogart Street at 4 pm when the perp approached him and punched him in the face. The crook asked for cash and the victim handed over $40, police say.

Subway mugging

Two teenagers terrorized a woman on the Lorimer Street subway platform and stole her wallet and phone on May 6.

The victim was buying a MetroCard at 5 pm, when one perp put her in a headlock. The other demanded cash and a phone, so she handed them $10 and her iPhone. The perps fled toward Broadway.

Bad news on Hewes

A thief swiped a man’s iPhone on the Hewes Street subway station platform on May 4.

The victim was on the Manhattan-bound J-train platform at 6:30 pm, when the perp snatched his phone and ran down the stairs to Broadway.

Jewel thief

A burglar stole jewelry valued at $6,000, a computer, and $500 from a Graham Avenue apartment on May 7.

The tenant left his apartment near Devoe Street at 7:30 am. When he returned at 2 pm, he realized his stuff was missing.

McKibbin MacBook

A thief stole a laptop from a McKibbin Street apartment on May 4.

The tenant went to sleep at 1 am, but when she woke up at 11 am and searched her apartment near White Street, she saw her computer was gone.

Chopper down

A crook stole a man’s motorcycle from its spot on Hewes Street.

The driver parked his chopper near S. Fifth Street at 11:30 pm, but when he returned eight hours later, he realized it had vanished.

Subaru rocked

A cruel crook stole $2,200 worth of film production tools from a Subaru parked on McKibbin Street on May 3 — and replaced the goods with a sack of rocks.

The driver parked her car near Bogart Street at 3 am, but when she returned 12 hours later, she saw her rear passenger window was broken, her equipment was gone, and in its place was a bag of rocks.

— Aaron Short

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