BRAWL! College kids scuffle on Henry Street

Brooklyn Heights residents remain miffed about an entire weekend of partying, fighting and rabble-rousing, allegedly by students in the St. George dormitories on Henry Street.

A neighbor of the student housing complex near the corner of Clark Street posted on the Brooklyn Heights Blog his account of a Friday brawl involving almost 10 students, who spilled out into Henry and Pineapple streets and caused a ruckus in an area known for its reserved peacefulness.

Now neighbors are saying that they can’t wait for the summer, when most of the college student go home.

“There used to be a problem with the homeless around here but now they’ve been swapped with the students,” said Joe Josepi, an employee at Michael Towne Wines & Spirits on Clark and Henry streets. “They both drink the same way.”

Other residents in the area said they’ve seen fights in the area before, and most blame the booze. They may have a point — a gift of about a dozen beer bottles was left on the sidewalk near the dorms on Sunday morning.

Still, for every college facility there’s one raging party waiting to happen at some point, and several workers in the area scoffed at the “concern” over mild hubbubs like these.

“There was another fight around 4 am on Saturday, too,” St. George doorman Louis Beltrez told The Brooklyn Paper. “It was just two guys scuffling around — it happens sometimes. One woman called to complain about the noise, but it was over quick and it’s really not that big of a deal.”