Update: Brooklyn Tech reopens following evacuation

Police evacuated Brooklyn Technical High School due to a threat sent by email Thursday morning.
Photo by Jessica Parks

Authorities reopened Brooklyn Technical High School following three-hour-long evacuation in response to a threat Thursday morning.

Faculty at the school at Fort Greene Place and Dekalb Avenue received the threat via email and alerted police at 8:15 am for the school, according to police.  

Students were evacuated to a gym at nearby Long Island University, to Fort Greene Park, and to Fowler Square at Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue, according to footage uploaded to the crime-reporting app Citizen.

Students were evacuated to a gym at Long Island University.Citizen App

Long Island University closed down last August in response to threats made on social media.

Cops investigated the scene and gave the all clear to reopen the school and let students and faculty back in at 11:15 am, according to spokesman Detective Martin Brown.

One student heard rumors that the email contained a bomb threat, but was relieved to leave the LIU gym — where he’d waited for hours — after police gave the all clear. 

“I’m pretty sure we all want to go home at this point, we’ve been sitting in the LIU gym for the past two-and-a-half hours,” said Preston.”I’m glad it’s not a real bomb though.”

Detective Brown said he did not know the contents of the threatening email, but said it warranted the evacuation of the school.

Several parents took their students home for the day, according to another pupil, while other scholars simply left of their own accord. 

“I think a couple students got picked up by their parents,” said Jeffrey. “A lot more just didn’t go into school, they just straight up left.”