Brewery hosts beer and doughnut pairing event on Zoom

Torch & Crown Brewing Company
Manhattan’s Torch & Crown Brewing Company is offering to deliver doughnuts and beer!
Torch & Crown Brewing Company

Brooklynites craving a buzz and a bite are in luck, as a brewery on the distant isle of Manhattan is offering a unique beer-and-doughnut tasting event that you can enjoy from the comfort of home!

Torch & Crown Brewing Company is teaming up with Harlem’s Super Nice Coffee and Bakery is offering a $65 delivery care package of four different beers and a bundle of six specialty doughnuts — along with admission to a private hour-long Zoom tasting session hosted by a rep from both companies. 

Because the alcohol and pastry maestros joined together to meticulously fashion a menu of beers that paired perfectly with the doughnuts, you won’t be able to choose the exact brew. 

“While you can’t choose them, we promise you’ll love them,” the company says. 

The fresh delivery is slated for between 3 and 7 pm on May 28, and the tasting will launch at 8 pm that same night. 

Unfortunately for southern Brooklynites, the offer doesn’t extend to neighborhoods past Prospect Park — meaning you’ll need to look elsewhere to fulfil your tipsy sweet-tooth.

Click here for the full list of beers available for delivery and contactless pickup from the brewery.

Alternatively, a number of other brew makers in Brooklyn are delivery beers, albeit without the doughnuts — such as Other Half Brewery in Gowanus, Hops Hill in Clinton Hill, and Threes Brewing in Park Slope.