Brooklyn Bridge Park’s stairway to heaven is pie in the sky unless park-keepers raise $8-million

Pressure point: The plan to expand Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 includes an ambitious viewing platform at the northwestern tip of the peninsula, but park-goers will not be able to walk the plank unless donors cough up $8-million.
Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 is getting an eye-opening, $29-million addition, but the crowning piece may fall by the wayside if the park’s keepers can’t raise the funds.

Plans for the pricey expansion at the northwestern tip of the pier at the end of Atlantic Avenue include a two-story, triangular platform with stairs rising above the harbor and providing dramatic views, but the $8-million deck is dependent on donations and would be the first thing to go in the case of a budget shortfall, a park spokeswoman said.

“If fund-raising is not successful, an alternative landscape solution will be applied,” Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation spokeswoman Teresa Gonzalez said. “This would include another lawn with shade and trees.”

Under their umbrella: The two-story patio would include space underneath for picnics and events.
Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation

If the massive patio is built, it will include a shaded area underneath for picnics and community events, according to the agency.

Community Board 2 and the city’s design commission gave the plan the green light last week. The ambitious add-on would also feature a large flower field, a forested area, and a big lawn for events, according to a park spokeswoman, who added that the amenities are meant to be a relaxing counterpoint to the already-built sports facilities on Pier 6 and nearby Pier 5.

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Floral park: The add-on plan also includes a flower field.
Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation

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