Brooklynites run for walruses in need

On your marks: Runners fresh off the starting line race for walruses.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

Walruses can’t run, so Brooklyn ran for them!

Hundreds of borough residents arrayed themselves along a Coney Island Boardwalk starting line near the New York Aquarium on Saturday, where they kicked off the Run for the Wild — a 5K jog to raise funds for that saber-toothed mammal of the sea.

The joggers set off at 8 am, trotting across wood and cement in their quest to lend a helping hand to our three-flippered friend — turning after W. 37th Street to huff and puff their way back to the starting line for the race’s second lap.

Walruses haven’t slipped far enough into the murky depths of oblivion for the federal Fish and Wildlife Service to include them on the endangered species list, but only because there are other species in a worse way, according to a 2011 New York Times report.

That’s not to say that everything’s honky dory for the whiskery sea creatures — the ravages of global warming have taken their toll on the walrus’s icy habitat, and the creatures are often hunted down for their handsome ivory tusks.

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