Brutal Key Food robbery

Key Foods rob

Three perps robbed a Grand Street grocery store on Jan 7, pistol-whipping one victim and stealing $800 from the register.

The perps entered the Key Foods near Lorimer Street at 8:45 pm, flashing handguns and demanding the cash. One perp struck a witness’s face with his handgun while the other took the cash.

The thieves ran out of the store five minutes later and one fired a round into the air across the street.

Elder robbery

Two men perps pushed their way into a frightened 85-year-old woman’s bedroom on Devoe Street on Jan. 6 and robbed her and her caregiver.

The perps rang the bell of the building near Graham Avenue at 10:30 am and were buzzed in. Once inside, the men walked upstairs and entered the victim’s bedroom.

“Where is the money?” one screamed. “I know the money is here.”

As he ransacked the apartment, the other thug choked the woman’s caregiver and pushed her to the ground.

The thieves found a purse with $20,000, and fled.

Senior snatch

A thief snatched a purse from a 78-year-old woman as she was catching a train at Broadway on Jan. 6.

The perp grabbed the purse from the woman’s right arm at 8:45 am as she was walking up the stairs inside the Hewes Street J-train station.

Maujer burglary

A thief stole two computers and an iPod from a Maujer Street apartment on Jan. 5.

The tenants left their apartment, which is at Union Avenue, at 7:30 pm, but when they returned at 1 am the next day, they found their stuff was stolen.

Laptop lame

A thief stole three laptops from a Metropolitan Avenue apartment on Jan. 6.

The tenants left their apartment near Lorimer Street at 10 am to go to work, but when they returned at 5 pm, they found their computers were taken.

The wheel story

It was a tough week for car owners, as at least eight cars — including five Nissans — were stolen from Williamsburg streets:

• A thief stole a Honda on Devoe Street near Bushwick Avenue overnight on Jan 4.

• A perp stole a Nissan from Boerum Street near Lorimer Street overnight on Jan. 5. The driver said she parked at 3:30 pm and returned at 5:25 pm the next day to find the car missing.

• A thief stole a Nissan from Havemeyer Street near S. Fifth Street overnight on Jan. 6. The driver parked at 11 pm and returned at 3:30 am.

• A thief stole a Honda from Ainslie Street near Manhattan Avenue overnight on Jan. 6.

• A thief stole a Nissan from Bushwick Avenue near Maujer Street on Jan. 7.

• A thief took a Nissan from Keap Street near Wythe Avenue overnight on Jan. 8.

• A thief took another Nissan from Ten Eyck Street near Lorimer Street overnight on Jan. 8.

• A perp stole a Chevrolet — what? An American car?! — from Grand Street near Havemeyer Street on Jan. 6.