Brute robs delivery boy at knife-point

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

No tip

A thug robbed a delivery boy at knife-point in a Fourth Avenue apartment building after ordering food from a Dyker Heights Italian eatery on Sept. 30, according to cops.

The victim told police that the perp phoned in an order to La Sorrentina at the corner of 66th Street and 11th Avenue at 4:30 pm, with instructions to bring the food to a basement location between 78th and 79th streets. When the victim arrived at the spot, the crook confronted him in a ski mask and black gloves, and carrying a knife.

The villain then took the food and $90 in cash from the food-runner and fled the premises.

Smoked out

A jerk smashed in the door of a Fort Hamilton Parkway bodega and made off with $876 in tobacco products — on top of $290 in other assorted loot — on Sept. 27, police say.

The owner of 168 Deli Inc. reported that he shut his shop between 61st and 62nd streets at 3:30 am to run an errand and came back an hour later to find that somebody had busted in the side entrance with a brick. Inside, he saw the creep had stolen $576 in cigarettes, $300 in cigars, $200 in cash, $60 worth of Heineken beer, and a case of Red Bull worth $30.

Armored luck

A would-be-crook tried — and failed — to jack a safe from an armored vehicle parked on 85th Street on Sept. 24, police report.

The truck driver said he was restocking an ATM between Ridge Boulevard and Third Avenue at 12:35 pm when the fiend smashed open the window of his vehicle, got inside, and tried to carry the safe away.

But the noodle-armed villain apparently couldn’t lift the vault, and jumped out and sped away in a gray Kia when the driver returned.

Flushed out

A pair of punks knocked over a corner store on 13th Avenue on Sept. 28 after locking the cashier in the bathroom, cops say.

The clerk reported that the two perps came in to the store at 74th Street with faces covered at 12:10 am. One of the robbers pointed a black revolver at the worker and ushered him into the bathroom, then locked the man inside.

Meanwhile, the other fiend went behind the counter and opened the till, taking $1,500 in cash, as well as $339 in Newport Cigarettes and the victim’s iPhone.

Wotta bum!

A vagrant swiped a Dyker Heights woman’s wallet as she was reaching into her purse to give him a dollar on Seventh Avenue on Sept. 26, according to police.

The victim said that she was near 90th Street at 6:45 am when the derelict approached her and asked for some change. The woman ignored him and kept walking, but the indigent followed her and kept asking, saying he was hungry and just needed a dollar to buy food.

The victim finally stopped and opened up her pocketbook, giving the homeless hustler the opportunity to reach into her bag and steal her wallet — and the $25 inside.

Un-merry traveler

A crook stole $5,000 in cash and $1,500 in clothes from a Maryland man’s car in the parking lot of an Eighth Avenue supermarket on Sept. 25, police say.

The victim said he parked in the back of the Fei Long Shopping Center between 63rd and 64th streets at 7 pm, and came out 10 minutes later to see his rear passenger window smashed in and his belongings stolen.

— Will Bredderman

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