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Brutes attack and rob man in botched deal

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Terrible customer service

Two louts punched a man and robbed him after a botched deal on W. 33rd Street on Nov. 20.

Police say the victim went to the fifth-floor hallway of the apartment building near Mermaid Avenue at 9:30 pm to purchase an iPhone, and after he inspected the phone and came back with $400 to purchase it, the thieves took the money, and punched his nose.

The victim grabbed one of the bandits when three more pilferers showed up, but let him go and the five baddies fled down the stairs, according to cops.

F train grab and go

Two brigands robbed a man on the F train near Neptune Avenue on Nov. 21.

The victim was on a Coney Island-bound train near W. Sixth Street at 8 am when one of the scoundrels threatened him with a knife and said, “Give me all you got,” stealing $70, while the other acted as a lookout, according to police.

The thieves also told the victim, “Don’t follow us, we know where you work,” and fled the train at the Neptune Avenue station, cops say.

Hats off to you

Police arrested a suspect for allegedly assaulting a man and stealing a hat near Brighton Beach Avenue on Nov. 21.

The victim told police the man allegedly grabbed his hat in a bodega near Brighton Fourth Street at 4:45 pm, punched him in the face, and headbutted him in the forehead, causing pain.

Slasher service

A fare slashed a driver on W. 15th Street on Nov. 22.

The victim told police he picked up the lout on 40th Street, and when they arrived at his destination near Hart Place at 11:55 pm, the brute said, “I don’t have any money,” and slashed the victim’s left hand with an opened foldable knife, causing lacerations, according to police.

Cops say the cutter fled the car toward W. 16th Street and the victim drove himself to Lutheran Hospital, where he was treated and received seven stitches.

Package purloiner

A bandit stole packages from a man’s house on W. Eighth Street on Nov. 8.

The victim told police he ordered an Intel motherboard and desktop computer from an online store, which were confirmed delivered, left at the front door of his place near Neptune Avenue at 7 am by FedEx. But when he returned home, the package was missing.

Security and neighbors didn’t see anyone take the packages, according to cops.

Bank machine swindler

A sneak stole $800 from a woman using a bank machine near Brighton Beach Avenue on Nov. 22.

Police say the victim was using the bank machine near Brighton Fifth Street at midnight when the sneak canceled her own transaction and switched her bank card with another card, using the victim’s card to withdraw $800.

Car crook

A bandit stole a man’s car and electronics on Brighton 10th Street on Nov. 23.

The victim told police he parked his unlocked and running car, with the keys in the ignition, near Coney Island Avenue at midnight, when it was stolen, along with his cellphone and credit cards.

Cops say the car was last seen going toward Manhattan on the Belt Parkway.

— Brianna Kudisch

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