Bugging out: Museum staff digs up creepiest of crawlers for pre-Halloween kids’ fest

Bugging out: Museum staff digs up creepiest of crawlers for pre-Halloween kids’ fest
Gross!: A local kid handles a Madagascar hissing cockroach during Icky Fest at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum on Sunday.
Photo by Zoe Freilich

And you thought your basement was gross!

Curators at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum dug through the yuckiest of its underground archives to find all sorts of unsettling specimen that they showed off to kids at the institution’s annual pre-Halloween event on Sunday, according to a museum spokesman.

“We had a lot of bugs, a lot of goo, spiders, and anything that’s remotely icky from our downstairs collection,” said Winston Williams.

The stomach-churning show-and-tell featured lots of formerly living things, including stuffed birds and beasts, and an infestation’s worth of preserved bugs, such as a tarantula stuffed into a picture frame, the spokesman said.

Eww!: Youngsters got to hold a millipede at the institution’s day dedicated to all things yucky, slimy, and gooey.
Photo by Zoe Freilich

But it was the live creepy-crawlies from the Crown Heights museum’s animal exhibit, including a millipede and a mouse-size Madagascar hissing cockroach, that stole the show at Icky Fest, according to the spokesman, who said neither are your average insect.

“They’re absolutely massive,” Williams said.

And giant cockroaches may seem awful, but they’re actually poky and easy going, making them far more palatable than your standard New-York-City variety, he said.

“The saving grace for me is they’re not fast at all,” Williams said. “New-York cockroaches can move like a bullet, these things are nice and slow, and they’re almost cute because of it.”

Yuck!: A Brooklyn Children’s Museum staffer shows off some of the gross stuff that curators bring up from the institution’s basement for the event.
Photo by Zoe Freilich

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