Burglar loots cash from Frost Street bar

94th Precinct


Frost bite

A scalawag broke into a popular Frost Street bar and swiped $800 from a safe sometime between Nov. 25 and 27.

An employee was opening the bar near Meeker Avenue after the Thanksgiving holiday at 10 am on Nov. 27 and noticed someone had broken in since they closed on Nov. 25 at around 7:30 pm, according to a police report.

The employee said someone broke the automated teller machine and took an unknown amount of cash, and grabbed a small safe containing $800 in cash, according to authorities. The perp also took down the security camera and smashed part of it, cops said.

Authorities said the crook broke a lock and entered through the side of the bar.

Taxi cam

A cretin smashed his way into a taxi while it was parked on Nassau Avenue sometime between Nov. 23 and 25 and grabbed the surveillance camera.

The victim said he parked the cab between Lorimer Street and Manhattan Avenue at 4 pm on Nov. 23 and came back around 11:30 am two days later to find the front windows on both sides of the vehicle were broken and his surveillance camera had been ripped out, according to authorities.

Cuss out

A rude lout broke into a Norman Avenue apartment on Nov. 23 and swore at the neighbors when they caught him before fleeing empty-handed.

The two witnesses were in the apartment above the victim’s in the building near Humboldt Street at 1 pm when they heard a loud bang coming from downstairs. When the two witnesses saw the prying punk one of them said “What the f— are you doing?” and the perp snapped back “Shut the f— up,” according to authorities.

The attempted thief fled before he could grab anything and exited through the door, which was damaged and with a broken lock, cops said. Surveillance footage shows the perp fleeing down Humboldt Street towards Nassau Avenue on foot, authorities said.

— Allegra Hobbs