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Burglar nabbs $4,000 worth of jewelry in Sheepshead Bay

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Jewel heist

A burglar nabbed $4,000 worth of jewelry from a Sheepshead Bay home while the owners were on vacation between June 26-July 1.

The victim told police the burglar entered the vacant home on Jerome Avenue through the bathroom window. When the thief exited out the window he dropped a phone charger, cops said.

Home again

A man allegedly stole $20,000 worth of electronics and furniture from an E. 17th Street apartment over the course of numerous heists between June 11 and June 23.

The re-occurring thefts at the Avenue Z property occurred after the suspect was evicted by marshals from June 11-June 23, cops said.

— Chandler Kidd

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