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Burglars force their way into home and rob man

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Home invasion

Two burglars robbed a man at gunpoint in his Avenue W home on Nov. 24.

The victim told cops that while he was locking the door to his house on E. 27th Street at 2 pm the goons pushed their way in.

One baddie acted as the lookout and stood guard at the door while the other threatened the victim with a silver handgun and demanded to know where all the money was, according to police.

The lout then took the victim’s wallet and stole $600 from it and the dirtbags fled the scene on foot, cops said.

Driveway ambush

Three armed nogoodniks ambushed a man at his Billings Place home on Nov. 28.

The victim told police he was returning to his home near McDonald Avenue at 1:37 am from a poker game three blocks away, and when he parked his car in his driveway, he was approached by a masked man.

The victim ran to the other side of the car and threw a bag containing $30,000 in poker earnings under his car so the baddie wouldn’t take it, according to police.

The lout then approached him and said, “I know you have money inside the house,” and when the victim refused to go inside, the punk tied him up him, went through his pockets, and took his house keys, cops said.

Two other villains joined and the three forced the victim to unlock the door and then cased the house, according to the authorities.

The bandits fled towards Avenue S without stealing anything or injuring the victim, who managed to free himself and tried to follow them but lost their trail, according to police.

Bose bozos

Two louts robbed a man on E. 24th Street on Nov. 29.

The victim told cops he was walking to his car parked in his girlfriend’s backyard near Avenue X at 6:30 am when the two brigands walked up to him and told him to give them his Bose headphones and cash.

The victim said that he believed that the thieves were armed, or that they simulated a weapon through their jackets, according to the authorities.

The wretches fled the scene with the victim’s headphones and $45, cops said.

Cop impersonator

Two shysters with a phony badge robbed a guy on E. Fourth Street on Nov. 29.

The victim was waiting near Avenue X at 7:45 pm to meet up with someone when one of the phonies approached him and showed what looked like a police badge, and then searched him, according to police.

He took the victim’s cellphone, $400, and two credit cards, cops said.

A second ne’er-do-well drove up in a blue Toyota Siena and snatched the victim’s backpack, taking an e-cigarette and Apple Airbuds, before both villains got in the car and headed towards Avenue Y, the authorities said.

They beat him for Beats

Three scoundrels tried to rob a man on Avenue S on Nov. 30.

The victim was near E. 14th Street at 8:15 pm when three goons walked up to him and demanded he give them money and his Beats headphones, according to cops.

When they realized that he hadn’t anything valuable on him, one of them punched the victim in the back of the head and they fled towards Avenue T, cops said.

Puncher pick up

A driver was robbed by his two passengers on Voorhies Avenue on Dec. 1.

The victim told police that he picked up the two women on Avenue U and Flatbush Avenue and brought them to their destination near E. 15th Street at 6:30 pm, when the bruiser in the back seat punched him in the back of the neck, while the front-seat villain took his wallet out of his glove compartment and stole $450 and his cellphone.

The goons then got out and fled towards E. 16th Street, cops said.

Bunch of brutes

Five brutes punched and robbed a woman on E. Third Street on Dec. 2.

The victim was talking on her phone near Avenue S at 8:35 pm when the good-for-nothings came from behind and punched her in the head, pushed her to the ground, and snatched her phone, according to cops.

Sneak trio

Three ruffians pounced on and robbed a woman on E. 15th Street on Dec. 2.

The victim told police she was near Avenue S at 9 pm when a woman jumped in front of her and two men snuck up behind her and hit her on the head.

The bandits then made a run for it towards E. 14th Street, cops said.

— Kevin Duggan

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