Bury the bodies, its business as usual

Censure, smensure — who cares. We should all have to go through such horrors as Charlie Rangel has when we mere mortals commit felonies.

Let me steal and cheat on my taxes then you can slap me on the wrist, yell at me in front of all my friends and I’ll pay back what I owe (when and if I can) say I’m sorry and then, back to business as usual. What happened to the legal system? Did it take a break? Apparently it only sends some people to prison while others get a lecture. Martha Stewart lied and she went to prison. Former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik cheated on his taxes and lied to the White House, and he’s making license plates now.

But Charlie Rangel, no not slippery old Charlie Rangel, who added insult to injury with his latest bout with the ethics committee, he just had his comeuppance in a two-minute rebuke in front of Congress by Nancy Pelosi. Wow. If I were Rangel, I’d be really, really upset. A rebuke in front of Congress? Heavens to Betsy, how will he recover? Oh the shame! The sham!

The Federal Election Commission is now probing into his alleged misuse of campaign funds for his legal defense. But didn’t he say he ran out of money and couldn’t afford legal counsel? Didn’t he go through about $2 million for his defense? Was that from his own pocket? It’s no wonder he forgot to pay his taxes. He can’t even remember where he got the $2 million from.

True, Charlie Rangel has done much for his community in his many years of service, and by the fact that his constituents voted him in again, it seems they really don’t mind his chicanery, but he also buried a lot of bodies under the rug and a slap on the wrist is all he got.

It really doesn’t seem fair. After all, if anyone else did the same thing, they’d be heading off to wear orange uniforms right about now.

Not for Nuthin™, but let’s end this whole mishagos now. Let’s not waste any more money on trials or investigations, Charlie will only beat the rap again. I say save time and money, cut to the chase, tell Nancy to yell at him again and then we can all go back to business as usual.

Cheating, misusing funds and hiding the bodies under the rug.


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