Bushwick’s ‘Base’ hopes to stop gentification in its tracks

Bushwick’s ‘Base’ hopes to stop gentification in its tracks

The gentrification of Bushwick needs to stop now, say a group of former Occupy Wall Streeters who plan to change the world by opening an event space in the on-the-rise neighborhood.

Members of the Base plan to open a library and venue on Stockholm street with the aim of bringing together neighborhood newcomers and old-timers in hopes of slowing down the area’s rapidly rising cost of living.

“We are trying to gather the people who are moving here for cheap rent and the people who have lived here forever and get them together so that they can do something about it,” said Elysa Lozano, who is helping to organize the movement. “We’re hoping we can have a little bit of influence and slow this down.”

The founders of the Base thought a permanent home was needed to push the Occupier’s agenda after their base in Zucotti Park was cleared out, and they targeted Bushwick as the home of the library event space because they think the neighborhood is Ground Zero for gentrification.

So far, the Base seems very disorganized. Most of the groups are not aware of what the others are doing, are very secretive about plans, and many are leery of speaking to reporters.

But the group’s website is a bit more informative.

It claims the space will be used for a lecture on where social movements go from here on Aug. 9, and states boxing lessons will be offered on July 28 and Aug. 5.

The Base, 113 Stockholm St. between Central and Myrtle avenues. www.thebasebk.org. No phone.

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