Canines in costumes at Narrows Botanical Gardens ‘Harvest Festival’ on Oct. 16.

Dog day afternoon: A bulldog dressed as a soldier sits at attention at the Narrows Botanical Gardens Harvest Festival, which will feature a canine costume contest on Sunday, Oct. 16.

Why wait for Halloween to dress up your dog in a ridiculous getup when you can do it two weeks early?

Bring your pooch, dressed to the nines, to the Narrows Botanical Gardens for the 16th annual canine costume contest and Harvest Festival on Sunday, Oct. 16.

“Last year there was a poodle dyed bright colors. I thought it was hilarious,” said the Garden’s landscape designer, Jimmy Johnson. “There was also a group of people dressed as Egyptians, carrying the ‘queen’ — a small dog — on a barge. Hilarious!”

If dogs in costumes isn’t enough of a draw, the Harvest Festival will feature tours of the gardens and turtle sanctuary, home to box turtles, wood turtles and endangered spotted turtles. There will also be a pumpkin patch, a square dance, a country music performance and more than 30 local vendors selling handicrafts — not to mention plenty of fresh honey from the Narrows apiary, and fresh vegetables from the garden.

Harvest Festival at Narrows Botanical Gardens [7200 Shore Rd. between 72nd and 74th streets in Bay Ridge, (718) 748-4810], Oct. 16, noon–5 pm. For info, visit www.narrowsbg.org.

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