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Neilson Barnard

Name another author who moved to New York at age 26 to learn English and started his writing career with a grammar course at NYU.

It doesn’t happen too often — but neither do novels like “Tales from the Town of Widows,” the debut by James Canon, a former Williamsburg resident who will return to the borough for a reading next week.

“Brooklyn has the largest, most vibrant community of artists in the New York area,” Canon told GO Brooklyn. “I’m very excited to do a reading where it’s at.”

Set in a fictional Colombian town, the book follows the lives of men who are all killed or “recruited” by guerillas, and the women who are left to fend for themselves. Along the way, Canon introduces us to colorful characters, including an ample-bottomed magistrate, a stern schoolmistress and a cow named Perestroika.

James Canon will read at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble (267 Seventh Ave. between Fifth and Sixth streets) at 7:30 pm on Jan. 29. For information call (718) 832-9066.

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