Carmageddon in Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill cars are still at risk, with a wild joyride, break-ins, and a tire jacking all taking place in the neighborhood this week.

The first auto break-in happened on April 6 on Atlantic Avenue, police said.

A 50-year-old woman returning to her 2004 Infiniti parked between Classon and Grand avenues at 5 am found the back window of it busted in, she said. She told police she started the car to let it warm up and left it unattended. While she was gone, a scoundrel jumped behind the wheel and peeled off, according to a police report.

The crook drove down Atlantic to Grand Avenue, then made a U-turn and started heading back, the report said. The car’s front wheel fell off at the Classon Avenue intersection, forcing the amoral auto-phile to bail, authorities said. Another car picked up the lowlife and headed down Atlantic towards Bedford Avenue, according to authorities.

Burglars also hit two cars on April 12, the first on Waverly Avenue, cops said.

A 32-year-old victim told police she left her purse on the front seat of her friend’s vehicle, parked between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue, at 12:30 am. When she went back to get it at 3:20 am, the front window was broken and the bag was gone.

In the second smash-and-grab, the victim parked her ride near the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and S. Oxford Street at 5 pm, and when she returned at 7:53 pm, her rear, passenger-side window was in pieces and her Juicy Couture bag was missing. She told cops it contained an electronic tablet and some cash.

In a fourth incident, a 24-year-old victim reported he left his vehicle S. Portland Avenue on April 9 at 5 pm, and when he returned on April 11 at 4:50 am, he found the wheels had vanished.

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