Carmine’s like a kid in the candy store!

Carmine’s like a kid in the candy store!
Photo by Randi Rodriquez

I’m madder than Tommy Lee Jones at the beginning of one of his disaster movies before he’s had enough time to solve every problem over the fact that I can’t figure out a way to fix what’s wrong with the world.

Look, you all know all that all the ol’Screecher ever wants is for everybody to be happy, healthy, and not hungry, and I lose sleep every night when I know someone out there is unnecessarily suffering.

So I don’t need to tell you that I’ve had my share of sleepless nights during these past few days when I knew I couldn’t possibly do enough to ease the pain of all those people out there that didn’t fare so well during Hurricane Sandy.

So I got to thinking: how could I do something that would bring a little bit of joy during this troubling time?

The answer was simple, and it involved two of my most favorite things: kids and candy.

Now, I don’t need to tell you that this hurricane came just in time to cancel Halloween, which I believe the mayor did by executive order.

That said, I knew a lot of kids would miss out on all the fun that comes with Halloween — and I certainly couldn’t let that happen. Besides, I tend to chow down on a few hundred pieces of candy while I’m waiting for the little trick-or-treaters to come to my door. In fact, it’s always been one for youse, and two for me!

Thankfully, I’m on a first-name basis with lots of moms here at the beautiful Harway Terrace, and we were all on the same page: we needed a Halloween party, and we needed one fast.

Apparently, great minds think alike, so when Christine called on the phone, I knew just what she was going to ask.

Of course we could get the community room for a few hours, and of course we could dress it up with all the decorations that Randi, Erica, Dorothy, Dina, Tara, Nicole, Robin, and all the rest had stored away.

And of course we could have the best impromptu Halloween party ever.

And of course we did — in record time!

The first call came at 2 pm. By 4 pm, you should have seen all the little witches, ghosts, and goblins having the time of their little lives.

What these mothers accomplished within two hours was amazing!

Maybe we should have had these Harway moms organize cleaning up Sandy’s mess! I bet you they would have finished in half the time!

Good jobs ladies, you brightened the miserable day for a lot of kids.

And pooh-pooh to you Sandy, and stay away from our shores. You are not welcome ever!

Screech at you next week!

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