Carroll Gardens graffiti vandal just wants to ‘Share’

Carroll Gardens graffiti vandal just wants to ‘Share’
Photo by Bess Adler

A graffiti vandal bombed Carroll Gardens again last week with a simple, enigmatic message: “share.”

The mad — but possibly generous — inker struck most recently on Oct. 2, tagging four times: once on the wall of Bar Great Harry on Smith Street near Sackett Street; twice near President Street, and once at the corner of Smith and Douglass streets.

A police source said that the 76th Precinct is keen on the message — cops can’t wait to “share” a pair of handcuffs with the paint-friendly perp.

“Graffiti is not art when it is defacing someone’s property,” the source said, adding that officers would step up their patrols. “It’s a serious thing that diminishes the look of the neighborhood.”

“Share” might now have the attention of cops, but it is not new to the neighborhood, according to Mo Shoshin, a bartender at Bar Great Harry.

“I noticed it in the [bar] bathroom about eight months ago,” she said. “I had no problem with it.”

Shoshin said she thought the tag could be a statement about the “community oriented” nature of the neighborhood. “Or it could just be a tag.”

But now, “Share” is taking his or her dubious message out of the stall and into the street.

Civic leaders said they have noticed the tag, and were puzzled by it.

“I keep expecting there to be a message,” said Maria Pagano, the president of the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association.

Despite appreciating the message, Pagano said she doesn’t like the medium.

“I wouldn’t mind it if there was a board somewhere where it wouldn’t bother anyone,” she explained. “But damaging property really has a negative effect.”