Cartoon networking: Comic drawing night comes to Brooklyn

Cartoon networking: Comic drawing night comes to Brooklyn

If your super power is drawing comic book characters, this could become your new secret lair.

Dare2Draw, a collaborative drawing event that aims to encourage burgeoning comic artists to put their spandex where their mouth is, is coming to Brooklyn Brewery on Dec. 30.

“It gives people the chance to work on their skills and network, not in a fanboy kind of way, but in a colleague to colleague kind of way,” said head organizer Charles Chenet. “It is a way to get people engaged and lower inhibitions.”

Just as regular art classes offer nude models for life drawing skills, Chenet invites cosplay models — people who dress up as superheroes and other comic characters — to pose for aspiring artists, who then spend a couple of hours using them as a blueprint to create new superheroes.

“It is important to learn how to draw clothing and figures in motion,” said Chenet.

The event also includes speed-drawing contests, with prizes for the winners, and guest professional comic artists on hand to answer questions and look over the amateur artists’ work.

Chenet has been holding Dare2Draw nights in Manhattan for the past five years, and this is the first time he is bringing the event to Brooklyn.

Chenet said he decided to start the program after putting his own comics-creating career on hold for years while he was in the military.

“I wanted to get back into comics and develop a platform for people like me who never had a chance to get mentored,” he said. “I got pulled away from comics and art because I did not have someone in my life to help me figure out my road.”

Dare2Draw at Brooklyn Brewery (79 N. 11th St. between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, www.dare2‌draw.org). Dec. 30 at 7:30 pm. $20–$25.

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