CB6 district manager arrested for alleged stalking

Hammer of justice: Community Board 6 District Manager Craig Hammerman was arrested twice in one week for charges related to stalking his ex-girlfriend.
File photo by Tom Callan

Long-time Community Board 6 district manager Craig Hammerman was arrested twice in one week on misdemeanor charges related to allegedly stalking his ex-girlfriend.

The community board’s civic guru is accused of using his ex’s Uber account to track her to a Bedford-Stuyvesant hotel, where he allegedly lurked outside spying on her, and then later violated a restraining order by pursuing her into a Park Slope watering hole — according to a complaint filed by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

The victim claims Hammerman downloaded the popular ride-hailing app and then hacked her account to trail her to a Broadway hotel near DeKalb Avenue on March 27, where Hammerman allegedly called the front desk numerous times using different aliases.

At one point, Hammerman called posing as a relative of the victim, asking for her room number and leaving a message stating, “she can come home anytime,” court documents show.

The district manager also called claiming to be the Uber driver who had dropped the victim off the previous night, saying she had left property in his cab and that he wanted to drop it off for her, according to prosecutors with the district attorney’s office.

The victim also says caught Hammerman lurking outside the hotel as she ate breakfast, and claims he fled after she spotted him through a window.

Hammerman later texted the woman, saying he wanted her to attend couples therapy with him, to which she replied, “A bunny does not go with a mountain lion.”

In response, Hammerman allegedly sent her a video clip from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” of the killer rabbit being destroyed by the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Hammerman was arrested on stalking and harassment charges on April 2, and was thereafter barred from contacting his ex-girlfriend by a court order of protection.

But then on April 7, the woman alleges Hammerman followed her into The Gate on Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue, where he sat down next to her and stated that he was following her “for her safety,” according to court documents.

Hammerman was arrested again that night, and arraigned Saturday on charges of criminal contempt for violating the court order.

An attorney for Hammerman, Joyce David, painted a very different picture, however, calling the charges leveled against her client “100-percent false.”

David claims Hammerman’s ex-girlfriend is emotionally unstable, and has been known to make false allegations in order to damage the civil servant’s reputation.

“This is a woman with a history of erratic behavior,” said Hammerman’s lawyer.

She furthermore said that the victim, who also works as a criminal defense lawyer, texted threatening messages to Hammerman after the court order of protection was in place and, after the district manager refused to respond, intentionally waited inside the Fifth Avenue bar that Hammerman is known to frequent, thereby luring him into a compromising position.

“She intentionally tried to get him to violate the order of protection and, when he wouldn’t, she showed up where she knew he would be,” David said.

Hammerman has worked for Community Board 6 since 1990, and earns an annual salary of $112,000.

Community Board 6 Chair Sayar Lonial did not immediately return calls for comment.

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