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Cheese wiz makes cakes for grown-ups

Say cheese: Yusuf Suluki, the brains and brawn behind Three Fish Five Loaf catering company specializes in alcohol-infused cheesecakes.
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Now you can have your liquor and eat it too.

One Clinton Hill man is a construction contractor by day and cheesecake baker at night, whipping up alcohol-infused creations he calls “Sexual Chocolate,” “Rum Raisin” and “Luck of the Irish.”

Custom cabinetry is great, but what this father of six really loves is baking booze.

“In New York City, you have to have a job, a career and some hustle,” said Yusuf Suluki, who’s shilling custom-made treats through his home catering company, 3 Fish 5 Loaf. “I can’t help it. I love to bridge genres.”

Suluki entered the underground cheesecake frontier a few years ago, naming his company in honor of a favorite Bible story — when Jesus fed 5,000 hungry men with just five loaves of bread and two fish.

With one more fish to his name, he’s not turning water into wine, but liqueurs into cheesecake.

Each sweet serving has about a shot of Baileys or Captain Morgan fused with a hazelnut-, caramel-, and even mint-flavored bases.

Suluki is currently testing a Hennessey and a “Sex on the Beach” concoction in his super secret home kitchen, and says that people can make requests based on their favorite cocktails — within reason.

“It’s an art form,” he said. “You can’t just pour liquor in it and whip it up. You don’t want the alcohol to overpower the content of the cake.”

Fort Greene resident Cynthia Dennard discovered Suluki’s cakes after he did some work on her brownstone, and had a “Coquito” cake in tow.

“I thought, ‘What, you put on a cape at night and make cheesecake?’” she said. “It was so unusual, but delicious.”

Suluki also serves fruit-filled and diabetic-friendly cheesy sweets, with three-by-four-inch samples starting at $5.

To order your own booze cake, e-mail threefishfiveloaf@gmail.com or call Yusuf at 646-330-2273.

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