Cheesy goodness at Brooklyn Mac

Cheesy goodness at Brooklyn Mac
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Kraft mac ’n’ cheese is the greatest thing in the world — if you’re 4-years-old. Thankfully, Greenpointers of slightly more advanced ages have a delightful alternative to the safety-vest-colored main course.

Brooklyn Mac, a new take-out spot on Norman Avenue, is dedicated to deliciously decadent macaroni and cheese. Take the Red Hook plate ($10.50), for example: with bacon, Gouda, and our own addition of caramelized onions and breadcrumbs, it’s easily the best thing we ate this week (though, truth be told, this week’s competition was the two-day-old pizza in the newsroom kitchen).

This ain’t your average monotonous cheese heart attack, either: Gouda is a lot less sharp than cheddar, and the charred top lent a delightful crunch.

It’s a full meal, it’s gourmet, and it packs a lot of flavor into what is normally a predictable and bland entree. There are even vegan options!

But don’t take it from us, ask the Greenpointers.

“It’s really tasty and cheesy — not at all like the boxed powder stuff,” said Lucy Cottrell, who checked out the newcomer on opening day last month. “I think it’s a good thing for the neighborhood.”

And don’t think you’ve seen it all just because you’ve gone to S’Mac in Manhattan — Brooklyn Mac offers more variety, cheaper fare and a better dish all around.

Pies on thighs: The “Red Hook” plate at Brooklyn Mac features gouda and bacon.
Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell

Brooklyn Mac [77 Norman Ave. between Lorimer Street and Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, (718) 706-9622].