Choco-holic! This moonshine’s chock full of cocoa

Choco-holic! This moonshine’s chock full of cocoa
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

When life gives you leftover cocoa husks, make chocolate moonshine!

Kings County Distillery has released a new, no-nonsense corn whiskey that tastes like bitter dark chocolate in a bottle — taking its award-winning but tangy hooch to another, more sumptuous level.

Co-founder Colin Spoelman said that the recipe was born after his crew visited Mast Brothers, a Williamsburg chocolate maker, and eyed a gratis bushel of husks — a crumbly byproduct of their bars that’s often used for mulch.

“We stuffed them in a bottle and knew we were onto something,” Spoelman said. “I’m usually skeptical of anything flavored or infused, but this was just so good.”

There’s no sugar or milk added to this muddy mountain dew, and Spoelman is counting on drinkers to find the best mixers. He suggests adding it to coffee or sipping it slowly for a postprandial treat.

“It’s good for someone who either likes whiskey or chocolate — which includes most people,” Spoelman said. “There’s not a whole lot else like it out there.”

The brown lightning sells for about $20 and is part of a 2,000-bottle test run.

For info, visit kingscountydistillery.com.

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Drink it in: Kings County Distillery mastermind Colin Spoelman shows off his brand new chocolate whisky, just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini