Choked on Roebling!

90th Precinct


Roebling robbery

A thief choked a man and stole his iPhone on Roebling Street on Oct. 23.

The victim was near S. Fourth Street at 4:40 am when the perp approached him from behind, put him in a headlock and threw him to the ground.

The thief shouted, “Where’s the money?” but the victim gave his iPhone instead.

Roebling Street and S. Fourth Street

Chase cheated

A robber threatened a bank teller with a bomb to steal $300 from a Grand Street branch on Oct. 21.

The perp approached the Chase Bank teller at 1:10 pm, passed a note indicating that he had a bomb, displayed a suspicious device attached to his body, and said, “Yeah, that’s what I want, give it to me.”

The teller handed over the cash, and the robber fled toward Bushwick Avenue.

Capital offense

A thief stole $2,638 from a Capital One Bank branch on Broadway on Oct. 18.

The perp entered the bank at 8:55 am, flashed a silver handgun, and handed the teller a note demanding cash.

The teller complied, handing over the bills and the perp fled down Bedford Avenue.

Donut hold-up

A gunman robbed a Broadway donut shop on Oct. 19, taking $700.

The perp entered the store near Marcy Avenue at 11 pm, displayed his gun and shouted, “Go to the back!” sending workers fleeing to a back office. They hid there as the perp opened the cash register and stole the money.

But he left the pastries.

Floor thrown

A group of thieves beat up a woman and stole her iPhone on Grand Street on Oct. 23.

The victim told police that she was near Morgan Avenue at 4:30 am when three perps approached her and started punching and kicking her. One grabbed her phone from her hand and the trio fled in a blue van.

Fire ire

A thief stole two diamond rings and some earrings from two apartments above a S. Eighth Street synagogue that caught fire and burned over the weekend.

The tenants stood outside the building at 9 pm on Oct. 22 as firefighters put out the flames, but when they entered their rooms to retrieve his property at 8:30 am on Oct. 23, they noticed the rings were missing.

Marcy punch

Three thieves beat up a man near Marcy Avenue on Oct. 21 and took his phone.

The victim told police he was near Broadway at 12:55 am when the perp grabbed his cellphone and punched him over the head.

— Aaron Short

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