City goes full ‘Circle’

City goes full ‘Circle’
The Brooklyn Paper / Evan Gardner

The city is dreaming up solutions to the traffic nightmare at Park Circle, the hair-raising roundabout for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and horseback riders at the southwestern entrance to Prospect Park.

Plans are in their infancy to ease confusion around the confluence of busy Ocean Parkway, Fort Hamilton Parkway, the Prospect Expressway, Prospect Park Southwest and Parkside Avenue — plans that may include changing signal times, building pedestrian safety islands, and painting bike lanes and other markings.

The city did a similar makeover of Grand Army Plaza at the other end of the iconic park last year.

“The Department of Transportation [has] solicited numerous ideas from the community about ways to make the circle safer and more easily navigable for pedestrians, cyclists, horse traffic and motor vehicles,” said Jennifer Torres, a spokeswoman for the Department of City Planning, which is teaming up with DOT.

The first step was a workshop and presentation to Community Board 7 on Feb. 19.

It couldn’t come quick enough for locals.

“The circle is confusing and dangerous. I always have to run to beat the light,” said Mireya Zafra, who lives near the rotary. “If I have a stroller, I have to find another place to cross.”

It’s unpopular with drivers, too.

“I get a lot of road rage when other drivers, especially taxis, don’t know what they’re doing. Drivers here don’t understand roundabouts,” fumed John Presley, a Windsor Terrace resident, who drives, but happened to be on foot on Monday afternoon.