Cleaned out! Pol says car washes over-charging Jews

Predatory car washes in Flatbush and Midwood targeted Jews who needed their cars cleaned for Passover — charging nearly three times as much as they would to a non-Jew — says a councilman who claims to have stung the offending businesses.

Councilman David Greenfield (D–Borough Park) says he had his staffers pose as Jews and gentiles when they called 40 car washes in the area — and were sometimes quoted higher prices for the same services if the potential customer was a Jew.

“The idea that you’re going to wash your car and be religiously profiled is just outrageous,” said Greenfield.

During Passover, observant Jews need to rid their homes and cars of any leavened bread — a religious law that even requires the cleaning of crumbs caught in a car’s upholstery.

But Greenfield refused to release the names of the businesses he claimed were targeting Jews, saying that he had filed a complaint with the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs. Greenfield also refused to release a copy of the complaint. The Department of Consumer Affairs has acknowledged its receipt, but also refused to release it.

Car washes we spoke with also refused to discuss the controversy.

Someone at King’s Coney Car Care on Coney Island Avenue between Lancaster and Crawfordavenues hung up on us when we asked if they had a Passover special, and they did not answer when we called back.

And W&B Gas Enterprises on Coney Island Avenue between Avenues N and O said they would only offer a quote in person.

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